iStyle Shower Door GBY22 46" - 48" W x 76" H


iStyle Shower Door GBY22 46" - 48" W x 76" H

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Model:                      Fits most opening size:                                      Price

GBY22-4876C                    46” —48” W x 76”H Chrome              $880.00
GBY22-4876NN                 46” —48” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel   $880.00
GBY22-5476C                    49” —54” W x 76”H Chrome              $930.00
GBY22-5476NN                 49” —54” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel   $930.00
GBY22-6076C                    55” —60” W x 76”H Chrome              $930.00
GBY22-6076NN                  55” —60” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel  $930.00
GBY22-6676C                     61” —66” W x 76”H Chrome             $980.00
GBY22-6676NN                  61” —66” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel  $980.00
GBY22-7276C                     67” —72” W x 76”H Chrome             $1180.00
GBY22-7276NN                  67” —72” W x 76”H Brushed Nickel  $1180.00
GBY22-6060C Bathtub       55” —60” W x 60”H Chrome              $900.00
GBY22-6060NN Bathtub    55” —60” W x 60”H Brushed Nickel   $900.00
Walk-in opening:
Both sliding doors opening installation
Configuration consists of a stationary panel and sliding door
Premium 5/16in. (8 mm) thick certified SGCC ANSI clear tempered glass
Large wheels effortless sliding action
Stainless steel top track  and bottom track can be trimmed up to 5 in. for width adjustment
Attention! this model has NO adjustment for out-of-plumb (uneven walls)
Hardware finish: Available in Brushed Nickel OR Chrome
Minimum threshold depth of 3 inches is required for proper installation
Important! all measurements should be taken only AFTER walls are finished (tile, back walls, etc.)
Professional installation is required

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