Fine Fixture Splaqua Smart Toilet


Fine Fixture Splaqua Smart Toilet

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Splaqua™ Smart Toilet 
Product width: 15 ⅜
Product depth: 27 ¼”
Product height: 18 ½"
Dual Flush: 1.6 GPF / 1.1 GPF (6.0 LPF / 4.1 LPF)


  • Splaqua™ Double cleansing technology: One flush creates 2 siphons in the toilet, spontaneously emptying waste two consecutive times.
  • Splaqua™ Dual Flush: Superior flushing technology that allows the user to choose between 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF (4.2 LPF / 6 LPF)
  • ADA Compliant: The product complies with the "Americans with Disabilities Act" accessibility guidelines.
  • 6 Levels adjustable wind temperature for fast drying.
  • 6 Settings for seat temperature: precise temperature setting, desired temperature.
  • Battery backup flush: Battery backup feature to back-up flushing in case of an outage.
  • Anti-bacterial seat, verified to be as high as 99.9% anti-bacterial.
  • Exquisite & minimalist design, slim soft-close cover, elongated contour.
  • Auto Open/Close seat: Sensor controlled automatic opening and closing lid.
  • Off-seat automatic flushing.
  • Push-button flushing.
  • Foot sensor flush.

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