Durabond Un-Sanded Grout (5lbs or 25lbs)

Durabond Un-Sanded Grout (5lbs or 25lbs)

Durabond Un-Sanded Grout (5lbs or 25lbs)

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Durabond Fortified Tile Grout (Sanded)

Use Durabond Fortified Tile Grout (sanded) for all types of ceramic mosaic, porcelain, granite, cultured marble, dimension stone and structural glazed tile where joint width is 1/8" to 1 1/2". Fortified Tile Grout is available in 40 popular colors.

NOTE: BOSTIK has changed their grout names.  To clarify please see the grout crossover name chart provided below.


           Old Name                       New Name

  • Acorn (D-G47                  Latte(H192)
  • Adobe (D-G49)                Buff (H188)
  • Birch (D-G50)                  Alabaster (H189)
  • Biscuit (D-G14)                Antique White (H135)
  • Bone (D-G19)                  Classic Bone ((H158)
  • Buckskin (D-G36)            Khaki (H187)
  • Camel (D-G21)                 Jamoca (H162)
  • Chocolate (D-G10)           Sand Beige (H148)
  • Cobblestone (D-G44)       Shadow (H195)
  • Coffee (D-G28)                Almond (H153)
  • Driftwood (D-G16)           Linen (H163)
  • Easy Blue                         Ice Blue (H161)
  • Haystack (D-G07)            Champane (H138)
  • Jet Black (D-G08)             Char Black (H139)
  • Natural (D-G02)                Natural (H146)
  • Ocean Gray (D-G05)        Misty Gray (H144)
  • Oyster (D-G03)                 Mobe Pearl (H145)
  • Platinum (D-G23)               Silver Bullet (H168)
  • Quarry Red (D-G32)         Brick (H136)
  • Sandcastle (D-G04)          Kahula Cream (H143)
  • Seashore (D-G20)            Sandstone (H167)
  • Soapstone (D-G46)          Cashmere (H178)
  • Steel (D-G22)                   Delorean Gray(H160)
  • Stormy Grey (D-G06)       French Gray (H142)
  • Sundance (D-G48)           Sand Dune (H181)
  • Sycamore (D-G45)           Portabella (H184)
  • Walnut (D-G15)                Summer Wheat (H150)
  • Wedgewood (D-G27)       Heron Blue (H171)
  • White (D-G01)                   White (H152)-G03

Grout Calculator: https://www.bostik.com/global/en/resources-and-tools/grout-calculator/

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