Fresca FTL2364 Athena One-Piece Contemporary Toilet

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Give your bathroom a fresh look with this transitional, elongated one-piece toilet. The Fresca Athena has a sleek European silhouette with “crown molding” details on the tank lid and along the base. With a single flush lever on the front, this white toilet features a tower based mechanism, eliminating the ball/chain/flapper systems which often snap or stick, causing your toilet to continuously run.

With an elegant white finish to match any bathroom décor, this elongated toilet is environmentally friendly with a high efficiency single flushing system (1.28 gallons per flush). The Fresca Athena One-Piece Contemporary Toilet has a fully glazed inner trapway and has a stain resistant finish making it easy to keep clean. It features a soft drop seat and lid with an innovative hinge system that gently and silently guides the seat down.

  • Powerful and efficient 3" flushing valve and large 2" fully glazed trap.
  • Wide water surface and balanced water distribution.
  • This toilet does not need a PVC rough-in. The fully glazed ceramic trapway installs directly onto the floor.