Visit Our Tile Store Near Manhattan

If you live in Manhattan, or anywhere throughout New York City, making a quick trip into Brooklyn, NYC is a great way to save big on high quality tiles and home goods.

As one of the more reputable tile stores in the Brooklyn area, we focus on providing the best selection in quality tiles from leading manufacturers. We sell both on a retail as well as wholesale level. You can find many types of tiles and materials for all of your kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our tile store staff is always ready to provide information, suggestions, and expert knowledge for in store purchases as well as through our online listings.

Are you an Architect or Project Manager? 

We would love to take a look at any finished schedule you are currently bidding on to ensure you get your tile bid completed on time and under budget. 

We also welcome you to visit our showroom in Brooklyn, New York so we can show you exclusive tile selections for your next project. Ensuring an edge on the competition. 

Are you a Designer or Property Manager? 

We would love to help you design your next space.
Let's also keep the budget reasonable, so we can maximize profits!
Need that really hard to find outdated tile? We can help with that too!

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