Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Tile

Tile in the bathroom is a classic look and one that continues to be the flooring option of choice in luxury custom homes as well as in older homes that are going through a bathroom renovation. The challenge for most homeowners is not to find a tile they like, but to narrow down their choices and select just one.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a tile for the bathroom. Having a clear picture of the final design of the bathroom is crucial before buying tile, particularly if more than one area of the bathroom is going to be tiled.

Areas to Tile

In the bathroom, there are a number of areas to tile in addition to the floor. Depending on the style of the bathroom, the backsplash, shower stall, shower bench, raised area of the tub or shower, the walls surrounding the tub or even tile partway up the wall are all standard options.

When multiple areas are to be tiled, coordinating the color and the style of the different shapes and types of tile is important. Using different sizes and shapes of tiles can be very effective when correctly planned and installed.

Colors, Patterns, and Tile Installation Options to Choose

Bathroom tiles may have a pattern, or it may be a single color. Generally, smaller areas are best suited to lighter color tiles, with creams, beiges, light grays, marble, light granites, and other types of similar colors the ideal option.

Color can be incorporated in the tiling pattern through printed tiles, or single tiles worked into the overall tile installation pattern. It is even possible to use tiles of different shapes and sizes to create a repeating pattern across a larger floor. Installing the tiles on the diagonal rather than in the traditional vertical patterns can make a bathroom look longer and wider.

Tile size, grout color, and the specific material the tile is made of are also areas of consideration. By working with our team at Timeless Tile NYC, we can provide suggestions and options to create just the bathroom you have always wanted. To get started, call us at 718-336-8453.