Ceramic Tile Flooring For Every Room

In the not too distant past, ceramic tile flooring was often used exclusively in the kitchen and the bathroom. Today, thanks to all the different styles, colors, options, and even tile sizes, this versatile flooring option is used in all rooms of the home.

Timeless Tile NYC offers a wide selection of ceramic tile that is certain to match with your décor and design style. We only offer high quality ceramic tile, and we provide our customers with some of the most unique tiles from leading ceramic tile suppliers around the world.

Whether you choose to come into our Brooklyn showroom or to buy ceramic tile online, we know you will find just the options you are looking for in our ceramic tiles for sale.

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile

Both ceramic floor tiles and ceramic wall tiles are very easy to work with. Many of our customers are do-it-yourself home renovators, and these tiles are easy to cut and work within both small and large tiled areas.

They can be easily and professionally cut with a basic tile cutter, and we offer those in our full line of home renovation products. Installation of the tile uses a commercially available adhesive, which is available at ceramic tile stores and through our website or retail location.

Quality ceramic tiles are extremely durable and can stand up to very heavy traffic with minimum maintenance and cleaning requirements. As they are typically glazed tiles, they are resistant to staining, and they can be cleaned using any type of home or commercial floor cleaning products.

As a ceramic tile company with a top selection, we offer a wide variety of designs, colors, and even sizes of tile. We offer the extremely popular subway tile, which is very contemporary and modern, through to the marble-look tiles or those with textured surfaces or matte colors for a neutral floor or wall area.

If you plan to buy ceramic tile, we recommend spending some time and looking at all the possible designs, colors, and options we offer. If you have any questions or want to see the tiles, drop by our Brooklyn showroom, and we would be happy to help. For those customers outside of the area, contact us by phone or drop us an email.

How to clean ceramic tile floors?

The glazing on the surface of ceramic floor tiles makes them very easy to clean. Sweep or dry mop regularly, or damp or wet mop with any recommended floor cleaning solution. To help to keep grout between the tiles looking clean, always seal the grout and choose a grout color that matches the tiles.

How to install ceramic floor tile on wood?

Installing ceramic floor tiles on wood is a simple task. Lay out the tiles first to make sure the pattern is correct, and all cut tiles fit. Remove the tiles, keeping them in order. Clean the floor and allow to dry, and ensure the surface boards are secured to the joists to prevent warping and twisting. Starting at the center point of the room, use a chalk line to lay out the pattern. Apply thinset adhesive and lay the tiles in place, doing small sections at a time.